Wisdom, Norway 

During the late summer 2021 I have initiated the exploration of the Norwegian Glaciers, moved by the desire to listen to their sound, to hear their ancient whisper. Glaciers have ablated and layered in silence over millennia. Their glacial raw power is slow, incessant, continuous and profoundly remodels the Earth. The glacial mass influences dynamically the global weather system and the jet stream.

Scientific observations shows Norwegian glaciers being now at a minimum stage since measurements began ∼1900: they have shrunk in area (10%), reduced their lengths and lost mass. 98% of the Norwegian glaciers is forecasted to disappear by 2100. This era provides the chance to observe the ancient and deepest ice layers which emerge to the surface, presenting a visual indicator of the alarming status of the glaciers.

Powerful wise giants, harmlessly withstanding the Threat that we, humans, pose to them.

[Series I in preparation ] - two seasons photographic project across summer 2021 & 2022 - First release expected in early 2023

Leaning Instability. 2021

The glacial impermanence of an fleeting giant.


Glacial Whisper. 2021

The silent touch between the Ice and the Earth.


The Wisdom Body. 2021

Fluid awareness


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