1976 Born, Rome, Italy
2006 – 2020 London (United Kingdom), Worldwide
2020 – 2021 Highlands of Scotland (United Kingdom)
2021 – 2022 Dolomites (Italy), Norway, Netherlands, Scotland
2023 – present Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Antartica

 At 14, I dreamt of being amidst towering skyscrapers and architects, inspiring my studies in architectural engineering in Italy and the Netherlands. At 22, I delved into photography with an exhibition in Baghdad before the 2003 Iraq war.  Returning, I shared visual narratives in exhibitions and newspapers, discovering the fulfilment in raising awareness through images.

Yet, my architectural drive remained strong, leading me to London in 2006 to work on Jean Nouvel's advanced facades project.  I then pursued a master’s in Sustainable Facade Engineering in Bath. followed by 12 years at Norman Foster’s, developing sustainable solutions, contributing to patents, and traveling to 70 countries, exploring nature and societal impacts.

My parents’ losses in 2013 and 2021 reminded me of the value of existence. During COVID-19,  deep reflection in an operating theatre spurred a seven-month solo campervan journey in Scotland’s Highlands, working remotely for Foster+Partners. The dichotomy between architectural practice and Nature’s wisdom became irreconcilable.

 This led to exploring biocentric equality and reconciliation within Nature, influenced by my yoga passion. I researched the industrialisation of the natural world (anthrobiome), and ventured into the last remains wilderness sanctuaries (biomes) of glacial Norway and the Antarctic continent, collaborating with the NVE (Norwegian Water and Energy Resources Directorate) and the DNA (Dirección Nacional del Antártico) in Argentina.

In the last years,  I was awarded with several international recognitions, including the 2022 Sony World Photo Award in the Landscape Professional Category. The photographic series “Life on Earth”, according to the Sony SWPA judges, ’delves into the ethereal magic of nature and the mysterious beauty of an untamed world…”. 

Now, by living with minimal means, I traverse Earth’s territories to voice Nature’s wisdom, I create immersive visual experiences that emphasise rewilding, biodiversity, symbiosis, envisioning an inclusive and ecotopical society.



2022.09 | “Ode to Nature”, Eye-V Gallery @ The Pool NYC, Milan (Italy) 

2022.05 | PhotoLondon, ECAD. London (UK)

from 2022.04 | Sony World Photography Awards 2022 exhibition
@ Somerset House, London (UK)

@ Sony Imaging Gallery, Tokyo, (Japan) 

@ 2022 Fotofestival Lenzburg, (Switzerland)

@ Fondazione Stelline, Milan, (Italy) 

@Photography & TVideo Show, Birmingham, (UK)

@ Busan International Photo Festival, Seoul (South Korea)   

@ Artexarte, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

@ Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, (UK)

@ MOPA, San Diego (US)

@ Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin (Germany)

from 2022.03 | LifeFramer Winners  

@ MMX Gallery, London (UK) 

@ Officine Fotografiche, Rome (Italy)

@ The Reference, Seoul (Korea)


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